Accountancy Department

Mr. Kassim Hamza

(Head of Department: Accountancy )

The  Accountancy  Department  in  the  Tamale  Technical  University  ( TaTU )   is  at  the  forefront  of impartation  of  knowledge,  training  and  skills  development  in  the  areas  of  accounting  and finance  for  individual s  and   corporations  in  the  Northern  region  in  particular  and  Ghana  as  a whole.  The  Department  runs  academic  courses  from  diploma  to  undergraduate  degree  levels. Given  the  all-encompassing  nature  of  the  discipline   and  the  indispensable  need  for  accounting personnel  at  every  level   of  personal,  corporate,  governmental,  NGO  and  other  entity  financial management ,  it  is  not  surprising   that   Accounting  remains  the  first  programme   of  choice  for  all students  at  all  levels  since  the  start   of  the  Business  Faculty  over  20  years  ago.  The  department has  produced  a  range  of  high  caliber  personnel,  both  academic  and  professional  some  of  whom  occupy  very  influential  positions  in  the  corporate  and  academic  worlds  both  in  the  private  and public  sectors.  The  department  currently  boasts  of  a  very  experienced  and  high  caliber  faulty made  of  Senior  Lecturers  and  Lecturers  with  varied  research  interests  cutting  across  financial accounting,  management  accounting,  public   sector  accounting,  auditing,   taxation ,  emotional intelligence, and other relevant areas.

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor of Technology in Accounting with Computing
  • Higher National Diploma in Accountancy
  • Diploma in Computerized Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Studies-Accounting option