HOD: Mr. Ibrahim Yussif Junior

The Agricultural Engineering department is one of the departments under the School of Engineering. The department runs the following programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering (Btech)
  2. HND in Agricultural Engineering
  3. HND in General Agriculture (new programme set to take off in 2017/2018 academic year)

The HND Agricultural Engineering programme is run on Competency Based Training (CBT) curriculum which is hands on, student centred and practical oriented.  The assessment is based on 40% theory and 60% practical. A student must pass both theory and practical to be competent.

Students of HND Agricultural Engineering graduate with specialization in Post Harvest Technology, Soil and Water engineering and Mechanization.


The department of Agricultural Engineering aims at becoming a centre of excellence for the training, developing skilled and competent middle level manpower that will be of service to their immediate and surrounding communities for the overall benefit of the nation as a whole.


  1. To develop the Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering (Btech) and Higher National Diploma (HND) Agricultural Engineering into a highly demanded educational career, with excellent job opportunities for graduates and effective outreach to stakeholders.
  2. To have a highly skilled and qualified staff to deliver Competency Based Training (CBT) at the Intermediate, HND and Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) level in agricultural engineering, leading to excellent job opportunities for graduates.
  3.  To establish collaborative linkages with industry and corporations to help in the training and assessment of students and the review of curriculum for our programmes.
  4. To use outreach activities to help surrounding communities and Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs as well as generate knowledge and experience to enrich the curriculum and student and staff experience, whilst generating income for the Polytechnic.

The department has to set its vision and mission in the overall framework of the institutional vision and mission as well as fitting them into the strategic plan and the mandate of the establishment of the Technical University to avoid any conflicts in strategies.