Building Technology

Mr. Peter Nilimor Yangbe

(Head of Department: Building Technology)

The building industry is one of the fast growing sectors in the socio-economic development of Ghana. This is not by accident but due to the nation being a developing country and with its fast growing human population.

To meet the demand, Ghana has a reasonable supply of craftsmen with traditional knowledge, skills and experience in the building construction processes. Similarly, there is number of quality top managements, architectural ,building and constructional personnel playing vital role in the construction industry.

However, there are inadequate trained middle level supervisory personnel to bridge the vital gap between the top management functions and the operative functions in the industry. The inadequate trained middle level supervisory personnel within the chain of operation in the construction industry have been created by many factors which include:

  • Lack of appropriate local facilities and opportunities for the training of such calibre of personnel.
  • Lack of motivation to attract and retain the few qualified and experienced personnel because of poor recognition of their important role resulting in their poor remuneration.

Ghana, as a developing country , needs expansion and efficiency in the building construction industry in order to achieve its developmental objectives.

The growth or improvement cannot be achieved through traditional practices in the industry because rapid changes in the global technological phenomenon have caught up with all industries and nations.

The purpose of the Higher National Diploma Programme in Construction Technology and management offered by the University is to provide the appropriate faculties and opportunities for training and help develop middle level manpower with requisite knowledge, skill and technology to function effectively and efficiency in providing the vital link in the chain operation in the building construction industry.


The general goal of the programme is to meet the need of Ghana for the greater number of middle level construction technologists and project managers to facilitate the country’s industrialization programme and the goal of self-reliance.

In order to pursue the main goal the objectives include:

  1. To provide facilities for further training and development in technology and supervisory role.
  2. To develop understanding of the importance of science and technology to the construction industry and socio-economic development.
  3. To provide opportunity and training to equip individuals within the industry.
  4. To develop the desire among individuals for continued job satisfaction, self-enhancement and professional advancement.
  5. To promote international consciousness in the light of increasing global interdependence.