Faculty of Business

Alhaji Mohammed Abdallah Inusah

(Dean of Faculty of Business)

School of Business transforms student potential into career success, with the skills to become leaders in today’s global economy. The School of Business focuses on the core disciplines Accounting, Marketing, and Secretaryship and management – Full time and Evening session. Working professionals can study in any of these programmes
The School also runs Diploma programmes in Accounting, Marketing, Secretaryship and Management, Purchasing and Supply, Management, and Information, Accounting with computing and Communication Technology. The Diploma programmes are part-time only.

Business students don’t just study business- They experience it!
Studies in business from TaTU give you the knowledge; competent skills and real world experience you need to become a leader in your chosen field and make positive impact on the world. You will develop skills in critical thinking, explore today’s challenging economic and social issues, learn from top and seasonal faculty members and also state-of-the-art technologies, all on the path to become tomorrow’s business leaders.
Programme Outcomes-Accountancy Department

With an Accounting Degree you will have the skills and knowledge to:
• Formulate Financial reports for shareholders
• Organise and manage a company’s financial records
• Prepare tax returns for a large or small business
• Evaluate a non-profit financial operations
• Audit business for a government agency.
• Counsel management on ways to reduce costs, boost revenues and increase profits, and so much more. The

possibilities for accountants and endless due to their strong financial and business knowledge
Programme outcomes-Marketing Department
With a marketing degree from TaTU Faculty of Business, you will have the skills and knowledge to:
• Develop an advertising campaign
• Manage the rollout of a new product to market.
• Use social media to reach potential customers
• Analyse consumer trends and buying behaviour to formulate a marketing strategy
• Develop tactics to achieve record breaking sales
• Build and protect a strong brand.

Programme outcomes-Secretaryship and Management
With a degree in Secretaryship and Management Studies from TaTU Faculty of Business, you will learn to:
• Manage and motivate people at work
• Develop personal leadership skills
• Apply management principles to business problems
• Employ conflict resolution skill within the workshop
• Recognise how global factors influence decision making
• Perform duties as registrars in organisation