Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Anthony Mawuto Atsu

(Head of Department: Mechanical Engineering)

The changing trend in the labour market calls for a change in the training of Engineers and technicians who will help increase productivity and bring innovation at the work place. The effect of globalization has placed a lot of demands on firms and they now require employees who will hit the ground running. There is therefore the need for middle level manpower personnel to cater for the fast-growing engineering, mining, oil and gas and other allied establishments in the country. However, the traditional system which prepares individuals specifically for the labour market is not practically oriented enough.

The Competency Based Training (CBT) curriculum is aimed at producing highly trained students who are practical oriented so that when they come out of the programmes would be able to meet the demand of the industry.


  1. To produce more qualified and competent personnel to man the industries as well as to come out with innovations
  2. Teach in the basic and second cycle institutions.
  3. Develop entrepreneurship skills among the youth in the area of Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Inculcate in graduates the sense of going self-employed in Mechanical Engineering (Production option).


After completing the Mechanical Engineering (Production) Programme, the student will be able to:

  1. Prepare and read engineering drawings
  2. Design, manufacture and assemble components and systems
  3. Solve engineering problems by analysis and empirical methods
  4. Install, operate, maintain  and service plant/machinery, tools equipment
  5. Prepare and present engineering reports
  6. Apply relevant social science principles to manage engineering organizations and maintain cordial human relations
  7. Plan and manage resource.