Mr. Abudu Abdul Ganiyu

(Head of Department : Secretaryship & Management Studies)

The Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies is one of the Departments of the School of Business and Management Studies which offers training to students to enable them work in various organizations and Departments.  The Department runs a twin course in Secretaryship and Management studies which is an all rounded course to train students in a multi faceted capacity.  The Department runs a six semester programme learning to the award of a High National Diploma in Secretaryship and Management Studies.  It has 39 courses which include a project work in the 3rd year by every student.

The Secretaryship and Management Studies Department is to offer middle level manpower training in secretarial and managerial skills to sharpen the skills of students to be able to handle the various schedules in an organization ranging from secretarial to managerial.

As a Department of Excellence for teaching and learning, products from the department should be able to fit into any organization.

Staffing the Department:

Currently, the Department has 10 staff which includes three Senior Lecturers, five Lecturers and two Instructors.  The Department also has some courses taken by some Lecturers outside the department.  Each staff is mandated to handle 3 courses while the Head of Department is mandated to handle 2 courses in addition to administrative duties.

Academic Programmes:

The Department runs six semester Higher National Diploma programme in Secretaryship and Management Studies.  Basically, the training is to equip the student with secretarial and managerial skills to enable the students handle competition and manage offices and supervise workers in an organization.  The courses are from secretarial to managerial which include typewriting and shorthand, Secretarial English, Business Communication, Computer Skills, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Business Management etc.

Students Association in the Department:

The Department has an Association called, Association of HND Secretaryship and Management Students (AHSMAS) which is a member of the National Association of which the leadership rotates.  It is compulsory for all students offering Secretaryship and Management Studies to be members.

Intended Programmes:

It is intended of the Department to introduce new programmes; like Bachelor of Technology in Administration, Management Option.  The Department also intends separating the HND Secretaryship from HND Management Studies.


With the inception of the HND programme, the Department has achieved a lot of successes.  For instance, most of its products are in the formal and informal sectors.  Some of our products are in the Banking sector, Health, Government Institutions, District Assemblies, Security Services like the Ghana Armed Forces, Police Service, Prisons, Customs, Fire Service and Immigration service.

Some part products have also made it successfully as businesspersons who have been able to create jobs for others.

Future Plans:

The Department in its future plans intend to run a Bachelor of Technology program in Administration and links up with the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants to allow students charter.

The Department also intends running programmes in Bilingual Secretaryship to take care of the shortage of competent bilingual secretaries in the Northern Sector of the country.