Welding and Fabrication


(Head of Department: Welding and Fabrication)

Mission Statement

The welding and fabrication department is to provide training to students to acquire both academic and practical skills in order to fit the industry and the job market.

Vision statement

The welding and fabrication department is to train students from intermediate level to higher levels on the academic ladder in the various metalĀ  arc welding processes, Gas welding processes and Automatic and semi-automatic welding processes. The department is poised to train students on various fabrication techniques and how to develop a new product.

The department currently offers training to students at the intermediate level, advanced level and a higher National Diploma level, aspiring to start a B.Tech Programme in welding and Fabrication.

Our Production Unit.

The production unit carries out variety of metal fabrication works and provides services to individuals and organizations in areas such as bending angular plates, circular shapes, corrugated shapes as well as repair welding