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 Baba Ziblim
Head of Department
Alhaji Mustapha Mas-ud
Box 3ER, Tamale Ghana
Tamale NR
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Sulemana Ibrahim
Box 3ER, Tamale Ghana
Tamale NR
Department Overview

Automotive Engineering Department was one of oldest departments started since the inception of the institution. The programmes offered in the department include the following:

In 1993 all polytechnic were elevated to full tertiary status and were mandated to jump start HND programmes. The HND Automotive Engineering was one of the programmes which should have started at that time but for certain reasons that could not be materialized. In May 2004, the accreditation team visited the Automotive Engineering Department to assess its readiness to mount the HND Automotive programme. Approval was however given in 2008 to run the automotive HND programme.

The HND Automobile Engineering is a six (6) semester programme. This enables students to absorb a wide range of automotive engineering knowledge and to develop the skills necessary to apply this knowledge to industrial problems, both technical and commercial, and also in teaching profession. The programme is linked with other related HND programmes so that transfer between programmes is possible in appropriate situation. The programme provides the potentials for diplomat to pursue a career as: service manager, field service engineer, automotive equipment specialist, automotive designer and other supervisory positions in industry.

The Professional Diploma in Automobile Engineering program is a four (4) semester programme which geared towards vocational orientation and students may specialize in automotive mechanical technologies, automotive electronics or automotive engineering management. Alternatively broad-based hybrid package knowledge and skill can be formulated to meet the individual’s needs.

The programme is further designed to provide an avenue for upward mobility into university programmes for mechanical engineering and specifically automobile engineering and design. The programme is also designed to provide qualification and knowledge necessary for positions in the design or service areas of the automotive industry.

Programmes in the Department:
  • HND in Automobile Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Members in the department
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