Dean of Students

Dr. Alhassan Alolo Abdul-Rasheed Akeji
(Dean of Students)

The office of the Dean of students Affairs is primarily responsible for the general welfare and disciplines of all students. The office works in close collaboration with the Registry, Hall authorities, and the student Representative Council (SRC) to ensure the welfare of the students. It also links up with external bodies that have to deal with students’ welfare issues in general or with the SRC in particular.

The office in conjunction with the Hall masters is in charge of the Hall management of the non-residential Student facilities, and also link up with management of the students. The office has oversight responsibility over the Guidance and counseling unit, the sports recreation and Leisure unit and, the Student Representative Council, Organisations, Clubs and Society.


The office of the Dean of Students Affairs is established to educate students regarding the university’s expectations of behaviour, protect student’s rights, and to assure fairness and due process.


With students at the Centre of the work of the Dean of Students Office, my vision is rooted within the context of the mission of the office, which is to educate students regarding the university’s expectations of behaviour, protect student’s rights, and to assure fairness and due process. The office will envision setting the standard for a two year period, a dynamic and inclusive campus community (outcomes-based campus and residential life experience) that support students’ personal, social, and intellectual growth. We will create the conditions where the entire campus community ( students) can be inspired and will find a sense of belonging to demonstrate civility, respect; morally and ethically virtuous, and service oriented citizen who will contribute to our TaTU community and , as graduates of the university, will go forth to serve. Students’ lives will also be enriched by providing opportunities for students to grow and learn as individuals and to develop as leaders and contributing members of a larger community

Values (Pillars)

The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs at TaTu will keep the following core values at the Centre of all initiatives, processes and services offered to students, faculty, and staff:

  • Inclusion(Community): We affirm the value of individuals and our voices, our communities and our interdependence
  • Collaboration: We find power in partnerships and in the sharing of ideas and resources.
  • Integrity: We remain accountable to ourselves and to our community.
  • Excellence: We operate at the edges of our learning in pursuit of personal and professional development
  • Civility: We establish acceptable standard regulating behaviour of students and ensuring that students appreciate each other for a shared purpose.
  • Respect: We inspire students to tolerate one another and promote a sense of belonging.
  • Responsibility: We ensure that all parties do their duties as expected.