Faculty Of Applied Science And Technology

Dr. Adiza Sadik
(Faculty Dean)


Message from the Dean

Welcome to the web page of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, Tamale Technical University. Whether you are a first-semester freshman, a transfer student, or a prospective student browsing the web, let me welcome you to this page and thank you for spending time with an institution I hold dear. The FAST encompasses three academic Departments, namely: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Department of Statistical Sciences, Department of Computer science. The FAST is well placed to make a difference in an ever-changing global society with an exponentially increasing dependence on applied science and technology.

FAST is a place where your journey will be nurtured, supported and deeply enriched by our highly talented staff. We are committed to excellence in undergraduate learning and teaching technologies, there has been an increasing demand for places in our faculty programmes. Applied research and innovation is a key driver of research across the Faculty.

On behalf of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST) and the staff of the TaTU, I welcome you warmly to the Faculty, Tamale Technical University, and congratulate you on aspiring students securing a place to study in the best Technical University which is increasingly recognised as one of Ghana’s finest. We are the most attractive undergraduate destination in the north where we use hands and brains. You are entering the University at a time when there are many exciting developments taking place that will hopefully impact positively on you as students

Many colleges and universities speak of excellence today. At FAST, we emphasize excellence as well, but we do so in a way that I believe is richer and deeper than most if not all other Faculties of the university. We recognize that excellence can and should take a variety of forms. We are interested in shaping students not just toward intellectual excellence or spiritual excellence in isolation, but in all of the ways that matter to us as human beings. Your time here will be academically demanding but deeply rewarding if you are able to properly allocate time for your academic work and other activities. I wish you a happy stay in the FAST in particular and TaTU in General, and hope that you will be able to strike the right balance.

Faculty Overview

This is one of the main faculties of Tamale Technical University. The faculty envisions to provide an environment for excellence in teaching, learning and research in applied sciences and technology, and entrepreneurship for industrial and socio-economic development of Northern Ghana in particular, Ghana and Africa in totality.

Due to the technological revolution in the era of globalization, the content of any course that students now receive is subject to prompt obsolescence. Hence, the importance of giving students the ultimate ability of lifelong learning as urgently required in the labour market. Therefore, our curriculum and teaching methods are continuously evolving to help our courses continue to be relevant for our students and enable them to reach their full potential.

When students decide to apply to TaTU, as Dean of the faculty, I am responsible for a plethora of academic and co-curricular resources and administrative offices that usher our FAST students from admission to graduation. Not only do I oversee the academic quality, standards, and policies of FAST undergraduate education in the classroom but outside of it too. Once again, I say Welcome to TATU.

Vision of the Faculty

The vision of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology is to provide the environment for excellence in teaching, learning, and research in Applied Sciences and Technology, entrepreneurship for industrial and socio-economic development of Northern Ghana, Ghana and Africa.

Mission of the Faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology is to provide career focused education and training up to the tertiary level in Applied Sciences and Technology to fill the middle level and high manpower needs of the country and beyond.

  • Train students to compete in a challenging world of technological advancement.
  • Train students to be proficient in their fields and be able to function effectively locally and internationally.
  • Increase the number and quality of tertiary programmes.
  • Encourage research and publications by setting up a research and publication unit.
  • Train students to acquire knowledge on a wide range of issues outside their chosen professions.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate instruction, practical training, attachment and facilities for research for students
  • Help students acquire mastery and proficiency in English Language and Computer Science.
  • Establish collaborations with industries and international institutions for practical training of students in to meet current demands of the industries.
Departments in the Faculty:
  • Computer Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)
  • Statistical Sciences
  • Library Information Sciences
  • Food Sciences and Technology
  • Actuarial Science
Programmes in the Faculty
  • BTech in Applied Statistics with Information Technology
  • BTech in Applied Statistics (Financial statistics)
  • BTech in Applied Statistics (Biostatistics)
  • BTech in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BTech in Information Technology 
  • BTech in Information Technology in Multimedia
  • BTech in Food Science Technology
  • HND in Hospitality and Tourism Management(HTM)
  • HND in Information and Communication Technology
  • HND in Statistical Sciences
  • Diploma in Industrial Information Technology
  • Professional Diploma in Catering and Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Diploma in Catering and Hospitality Management
  • Professional Diploma in Tourism Management