Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Dean
Dr. Issaka Zakaria

Message from the Dean

Your time as a university student is certainly one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life, so choosing the right programme is a very important decision. The Faculty of Engineering (FOE), Tamale Technical University (TaTU) is one of the main faculties in Tamale Technical University. The Faculty of Engineering is distinctively dedicated to teaching, research and service which is practically oriented.

Another distinctive feature of the Faculty of Engineering is that of community service and problem solving techniques from a core part of the curriculum. Each student will be required to spend six to eight weeks out of every long vacation in a field of study to tackle engineering related, value creation problems of our rural folks. You will notice that all our programmes translate into professional jobs in the engineering sector. This means that each of you should readily find placement in our engineering fields.

However, those of you who wish to set up your own private training would be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will enable you establish successful and prosperous practices. Equally important is the fact that, the deployment of information technology and communication (ICT) facilities for teaching, learning, research and administration is a key feature of life at FOE. This should situate you firmly in the twenty-first century, ahead of your counterparts in some other universities.

I congratulate each of you for your courage and your quest for academic novelty in choosing FOE as your preferred choice in your academic ladder. My team of Engineers, Drs., lecturers and administrators would like to assure you that you are going to enjoy every minute of your time at the Faculty. Our motto is ‘Reaching out for Development’. It is our aim to instil in each student, the principles of integrity, hard work, self-discipline and a love for service to the country. I look forward to personally welcoming each of you individually and inviting you to join us at Tamale Technical University Faculty of Engineering in this life-transforming academic experience in the field of engineering.

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Engineering is located north east of the Tamale Technical University’s main Campus, and it is known to be one of the core nervous systems of the university. The faculty is focus on provision of courses that are relevant to the department with specific reference to engineering and research disciplines.

Vision of the Faculty

The vision of the faculty of engineering is to become a centre of excellence in the world for teaching, learning, research and entrepreneurial training in engineering, science and technology for the total development, transformation of building and engineering in the world.

Mission of the Faculty

The mission of the Faculty is to provide training to students in Technology, which is technical oriented in order to acquire the necessary academic and practical skills in Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Water and Sanitation Engineering, Welding and Fabrication, Automobile Engineering, Electrical/Electronic technicians and Intermediate levels.

Objectives of the Faculty
  • To improve the practice of engineering and building through quality teaching, learning, seminars, workshops and research.
  • To strengthen the income generation capacity of the faculty and the university’s production units through partnership with district assemblies, industry and corporate institutions.
  • To increase the number and quality of tertiary programmes.
  • To enhance the efficiency of academic, workshop and staff through seminars and conferences as well as collaborations
  • To enhance the efficiency of academic workshop, staff through seminars, conferences
  • To encourage Staff to write proposals for accessing research grants and materials including inter-departmental seminars.
  • Improve ICT Skills of Staff and Students.
  • Encourage research and publications through training initiatives.
Departments in the Faculty:
Programmes in the Faculty
  • BTech in Agricultural Engineering
  • BTech in Automotive Engineering (4 years)
  • BTech in Chemical Engineering (4 years )(Coming soon)
  • BTech in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (4 years )
  • BTech in Mechanical Engineering (4 years)
  • BTech Water and Sanitation Engineering(4 years)
  • BTech in Welding and Fabrication (4 years)
  • HND in Agricultural Engineering with options in Agricultural Mechanization, Soil and Water Engineering, Post Harvest Technology
  • HND in Automobile Engineering
  • HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • HND Mechanical Engineering with options in Plant and Production
  • HND Water and Sanitation Engineering
  • HND in Welding and Fabrication
  • Professional Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Professional Diploma in Welding and Fabrication