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Summary of Provisional Fees for 2019/2020 Academic year
Programme 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Bachelor of Technology in Accounting with computing GH¢2,583.00 GH¢1,927.00 -
Bachelor of Technology in Agric. Engineering full time GH¢2,430.90 GH¢2,486.68 -
Bachelor of Technology in Agric. Engineering (part time) GH¢3,393.28 GH¢3,449.06 -
Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism management GH¢2,761.73 GH¢2,825.32 -
HND Accountancy, Marketing and Sec and management Studies GH¢1,600.87 GH¢1,220.32 GH¢1,417.98
HND Building Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Welding/Fabrication and Electrical Engineering GH¢1,794.00 GH¢1,413.00 GH¢1,611.00
HND Industrial Art and Fashion Design and Textiles Studies GH¢1,761.00 GH¢1,381.00 GH¢1,579.00
HND Tropical Agriculture GH¢2042.66 GH¢1,607.76 GH¢1,833.65
HND Statistics GH¢1,600.87 GH¢1,220.32 GH¢1,417.98
HND Media and Communication Studies GH¢1,789.72 GH¢1,409.18 GH¢1,606.84
HND Tourism GH¢1,834.00 GH¢1,454.00 GH¢1,651.00
Hotel Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM) GH¢1,706.00 GH¢1,325.00 GH¢1,525.00
HND Information and Communication Technology GH¢1,729.35 GH¢1,348.81 GH¢1,546.46
HND Agricultural Engineering GH¢1,794.00 GH¢1,413.00 GH¢1,611.00
Part-time HND Accountancy, Marketing and Secretariaship and Management Studies GH¢2,116.47 GH¢1,735.92 GH¢1,933.58
Part-time Information and Communication Technology and HCIM Weekend GH¢2,244.89 GH¢1,874.66 GH¢2,102.08
DBS Accounting, Marketing, Management, Statistics, Purchasing/supply, Event Management and Entrepreneurship/Finance and Banking, Statistics and Purchasing Supply GH¢800.00 GH¢750.00 GH¢7500.00
DBS Secretarial/ICT Option GH¢850.00 GH¢800.00 -
Full Time Craft (Intermediate) GH¢750.00 GH¢750.00 GH¢750.00
Advanced Craft Programmes GH¢862.38 GH¢731.28 -
9 Months Access Course GH¢1,038.70 - -
Fees for Diploma in Computerised Accounting programmes GH¢1,543.80 GH¢1,401.14 -
Fees for Diploma in Business Administration Programmes GH¢1398.30 GH¢1,255.64 -
Professional Diploma Programmes Fees GH¢1,440.00 GH¢1363.44 -

GETFUND Hostel Fee: 4 in one room GH¢494.00 and 6 in one GH¢452.00