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Tamale Technical University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for appointments as Legal Officer, Director of ICT and Industrial Liaison Officer. Staff in these positions shall be required to show high qualities of sound judgement, initiative, resourcefulness, precision and professionalism in their areas of specialization. The Officers shall be the Heads of their respective Directorates, and shall also be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor through the Registrar.

  1. Legal Officer
  2. The Legal Officer shall be responsible for all legal matters of the University, which shall include, but not limited to:
    • Advising the Vice-Chancellor on contracts entered into by the University
    • Handling all legal matters on behalf of the University at the Courts of Justice; and
    • Any other matters that may be referred to the Legal Officer by the Registrar or the Vice-Chancellor.
    • Qualification and Experience

      The applicant must hold LLM, LLB and BL degrees and must be a qualified Lawyer, duly registered by the Ghana Bar Association. The applicant must have six (6) years post-qualification experience at the bar.

  3. Director of ICT
  4. The Director of ICT shall be responsible for the delivery of all ICT services and programmes to students and staff of the University. The duties and responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:

    • Ensure that the University’s computer database system runs efficiently;
    • Initiate, develop and advise on updates and implement ICT strategies;
    • Ensure proper maintenance of internet connectivity at the University;
    • Maintain and update the University’s website;
    • Advise on establishment of ICT standards and architectures;
    • Plan and implement network security, including setting up firewalls, managing host security, applying security to network applications, and regulating file permissions, backup and disaster recovery plans, data security, etc.;
    • Advise on formulation of acceptable user policies and guidelines to regulate ICT resources utilization;
    • Prepare and maintains operational and configuration documentation, guidelines, manuals, user notes and system standards;
    • Advise Management on technical designs and development of computer and telecommunications software, networks, and information systems; and
    • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Registrar or Vice-Chancellor, and other enactments
    • Qualification and Experience

      Applicant must hold a minimum of Masters’ Degree in relevant Computer Science/Computer Engineering field and must have attained the rank of a Deputy Director of ICT or must have at least six (6) years working experience on the rank of a Senior Assistant ICT Officer in a tertiary institution, or any similar public service organization.

  5. Industrial Liaison Officer
  6. The Industrial Liaison Officer shall coordinate all students’ industrial attachment programmes and create linkages with the industry to facilitate the engagement of the students for practical job training. The duties and responsibilities of the Officer shall include but not limited to the following:

    • Ensure that students secure industrial attachment (internship) placements
    • Facilitate industrial tours/visits for students
    • Ensure that students on industrial attachment are properly monitored
    • Ensure that good relationship is established between the University and industry partners
    • Conduct and collate tracer studies data on graduates
    • Advise on Industrial Attachment policies
    • Create linkages for industrial attachment/work place learning experience for students and Lecturers
    • Liaise with industry for feedback to help develop and update curriculum to meet industry-specific courses, skills and competencies
    • Organize orientation programmes for students, to promote their understanding of practical industrial training
    • Organize workshops for both internal and external industrial attachment supervisors
    • Perform any other duties that may be assigned by the Pro Vice-Chancellor
    • Qualification and Experience

      Applicant must hold a minimum of Masters’ Degree in a relevant field, and must have served as Senior Assistant Industrial Liaison Officer or analogous Senior Management position in a tertiary institution, industry or any relevant public service organization for a minimum of six (6) years.

  1. Applications should include cover letters (indicating the position applied for), Current Curriculum Vitae (with contact details of three referees) and Copies of certificates.
  2. Applications must be hand delivered in a sealed envelope or by courier, to the Registry of the University and signed for, and also submit soft copies using an electronic mail (e-mail) to reach the addresses below:
  3. The Vice Chancellor
    Tamale Technical University
    P.O. Box 3 E/R


NOTE: Deadline for the receipt of all applications is Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at exactly 5:00pm.