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Dr. Rafiu
Head of Department
Dr. Rafiu Ayinla Suleiman
Box 3ER, Tamale Ghana
Tamale NR
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Sulemana Hamdia
Department Overview

The Languages and Liberal Studies Department of Tamale Technical University is a servicing department to all departments in the University. The following courses are taught in the Languages and Liberal Studies Department. Communication skills, (Use of English), African Studies, Entrepreneurship, French, Business communication, Business Law and Economics.

Communication skills and African studies are compulsory for all undergraduate students regardless of the discipline one pursues. One must pass Communication skills and African studies before one can graduate.

Communication skill is designed for the student in this high institution of learning who has to perform a variety of academic tasks through the medium of English. The student often has to explain or describe a concept or object, argue a point of view demonstrate a process either in writing or in speech.

In the Languages and Liberal Studies Department, the emphasis is on ability to function effectively using English. This course equips the learner with thinking, creative and language skills development which on needs to be able to function optimally within and outside the academic environment. Communication skill is the anchor of Liberal education in this university.

Programmes in the Department

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Members in the Department
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1 Dr. Adam Yussif Bawa N/a Profile
2 Dr. Rafiu Ayinla Suleiman N/a Profile
3 Dr. Akurugu Michael Brigandi N/a Profile
4 Mr. Khalid Abdul-Manan N/a Profile
5 Dr. Balica Braimah N/a Profile
6 Dr. Alimbey Dominic Dery N/a Profile
7 Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Sheriff N/a Profile
8 Ms. Juliana Babulweri N/a Profile
9 Mr. Halid Abdul-Rauf N/a Profile
10 Ms. Rose Saan N/a Profile
11 Mr. Alhassan Baba Andani N/a Profile
12 Mr. Amavi Raymond Ayitey N/a Profile
13 Mr. Anthony E. Isinguzu N/a Profile
14 Mr. Alhassan Salifu N/a Profile
15 Ms. Mohammed K. Rukayatu N/a Profile
16 Mr. Alhassan John Issah N/a Profile
17 Mr. Ibrahim Fuseini N/a Profile