Industrial Liaison Directorate

Shani Mahama
(Head of Industrial Liaison Unit)

Shani Mahama holds MA Learning and Innovative Change as well as MSc in Development and International Relations with practical understanding of problem based- and experiential learning practices. He is a development professional, a professional teacher and community learning facilitator with extensive facilitation experience within the areas of civic action, organisational and pedagogical development.

Priorities of the Industrial Liaison Unit

The Industrial Liaison Unit facilitates and builds relationships between the university and industry to provide spaces for competence-based training which is the core of technical university education in Ghana.  My highest priority as the head of the unit is to fully implement the Industrial Liaison Policy to meet the practical learning needs of students.

Another priority is to support innovativeness of small and mushroom industries by promoting the idea of students doing internships with these smaller firms who hitherto were not considered as ideal internship sites for students. Students can support total industrialization of what has been perceived as informal business sector. This has the potential to provide students spaces for practical learning.

As a 21st century technical learning institution, it is my ambition to work closely with the ICT directorate to digitalize the industrial attachments processes. This will also include monitoring students on internships remotely through digitally designed apps.

The renewed vision will require working closely with key stakeholders within the university such as management, deans of faculties and heads of departments. It is also incredibly important to engage industry to understand industrial expectations to students when they go on attachment.

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