Ten TaTU Staff inducted into the Ghana Institution of Engineering

  Published : December 2, 2021 by admin

The Ghana Institution  of Engineering (GhiE) held its 30th induction ceremony and policy dialogue on Galamsey / Flooding:The role of Engineers in National Development. The program was held at the Sunyani Technical University on Thursday, November 25, 2021. In all, a total of one hundred and six professional engineers were inducted into the various four main technical division namely, CIVIL, ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL  and CHEMICAL.

Among the newly inducted included nine (9) lecturers from Tamale Technical University (TaTU) wh are Ing. Dr. Abdul-Rauf Ibrahim, Ing. Gumah Salifu, Ing. Dr. Anthony Mawutor Atsu and Ing. Dr. Zakaria Issaka. The rest are Ing. Theophilus Yao Kudese, Ing. Dr. Enoch Asuako Larson, Ing. Dr. Anthony Akayeti, Ing. Dr. Philip Yamba and Ing. Dr. Salifu Tahiru Azeko.

The president of GhIE Ing. Rev. Prof. Charles A. Adams (FGhiE) administered the swearing of oath to the newly inducted members and address for the occassion was presented by the Chairman of the Membership Committee Ing. Dr. Patrick A.B. Bekoe (FGhiE)