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Dr. Philip Yamba

Head of Department

Dr. Philib Yamba
Box 3ER, Tamale Ghana
Tamale NR

The Department of Welding and Fabrication offers HND in Welding and Fabrication as well as the Professional Diploma programme leading to the award of 3year HND and Professional Diploma in welding and Fabrication. This HND and Professional Diploma in welding and Fabrication is intended to provide a specialist work-related programme of study that contains the major knowledge and competencies required in the Welding and Fabrication sector. It is also intended to provide a nationally recognized qualification offering opportunities for career progression and professional development.

The 3year HND and Professional Diploma in welding and Fabrication programmes provides hands-on training in welding and fabrication with the aim of providing students the requisite skills for the world of work. The curriculum includes a solid foundation in welding theory, manufacturing processes, and material science. The programme therefore prepares students for a wide range of careers in a high-demand, rapidly growing and changing industry.

The demand for engineers, skilled and trained professionals is growing and increasing. Welding is a skill in high demand from a variety of industries: sheet metal workers, ironworkers, oil/natural gas industry, boilermakers, carpenters, marine construction, repair and maintenance personnel in applications ranging from artistic to fabrication of large structures and products (buildings, bridges, ships, etc.).

Now that Ghana is an oil producing country, it will require certain practical and technological skills including offshore welding and cutting. The graduates definitely will be meeting this growing need and should be able to satisfy the requirements of such job functions. It is interesting to note that the welding industry is rapidly changing. Advanced technologies together with changing technological standards are creating a need for trained welding specialists. The Fabricator does not only understand the welding processes used in metal fabrication, but also undergoes training in quality control, welding metallurgy, codes, fabrication techniques, inspection of welds, weld design, management/supervision and computer skills. Many more welders/fabricators will be needed for maintenance and repair work in the growing metal working industries and in construction using welded steel structures. The number of welders/fabricators in production work is expected to increase in plants, fabrications, metal products, boilers, storage tanks, ships, oil rigs and other structural components.

Programmmes run in the department:
  • HND in Welding and Fabrication
  • Professional Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

Members of Department

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1 Mr. Alhassan Munkaila
2 Mr. Yussif Bashiru
3 Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hamid
4 Mr. Alhassan Ibrahim - +233(0)246619212
5 Mr. Paul Yelyen -