Research and Innovations

Prof. Abdul Aziz Ibn Musah
(Director of Research & Innovation)

The Research conference and Innovation Unit is responsible for advancing research across Tamale Technical University and serves the research community in various ways. Specifically, the unit directs the University’s comprehensive research mandate, manages the funding and grants plan for research initiatives, and supervises outreach to key international partners. Throughout the Research and Innovation unit, particular prominence is on the training, development, and support of multidisciplinary research initiatives and Innovation.

Our Mission

To enhance and support a consistent broad university research excellence environment where faculties are encouraged and driven to push knowledge creation boundaries. To stimulate research front-runners in Ghana and worldwide to partner with us in advancing knowledge discovery and translating discoveries into tangible benefits for society globally. To be the agent of the research community at Tamale Technical University and, in all ways, maintain the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial, and physical resources to espouse an ethos of research excellence in the University.

Our Vision

Research/Innovation unit strives to make the Tamale Technical University(TaTU) a leading national research university in discoveries, publications, mentoring and training, and transforming research into socioeconomic and health benefits. Research/Innovation unit at the TaTU focuses on a dynamic, innovative, and diversified environment that will promote and help the university community’s research and creative academic activities

The unit envision providing reasonable and supportive research funding and grants opportunities to reduce the administrative burden of faculties and staff, maximizing the fruitfulness of funds generated by research projects, and attracting energetic researchers to join our community. The unit is keen on helping our faculty researchers and improving research services by addressing challenges through innovative multidisciplinary team efforts and creative problem-solving. The emphasis is on the delivery of quality incentives for scholars who, in turn, will generate quality research. The unit’s vision is to break limits and foster diverse inter and multidisciplinary faculties and staff efforts. The unit also envisage the untiring effort to pursue research policies and trends to advance and implement institutional initiatives whiles maintaining the highest norms championed by the research administration profession to guarantee that research is more responsibly in TaTU. The unit further envision promoting private and public partnerships to enhance people’s well-being in our communities, the Northern Region, and the Nation.

Our Core Values

To pursue our vision and fulfill our mission, the core values of the Research and Innovation Unit include:

  • Excellence
  • Ethical and responsible behavior
  • Intellectual/Academic honesty
  • An inclusive community of people, ideas, and research initiative
Preparing Society for a Century of Change

The Research conference and Innovation Unit will advance the University’s academic and research mission while encouraging a culture that represents excellent service, transparency, collaboration, and Innovation. Also, we will bring our multidisciplinary resources to affect the complex challenges facing the community today, including the following:

Technological Advancement

Tamale Technical University scientists are developing classroom technologies, creating new materials, finding novel ways to use advanced computing, cutting-edge engineering machines, and exploring nature’s fundamental building blocks. On copious fronts, we are advancing the technologies that will shape our world.

Knowing the World Around Us

Our world is developing so rapidly that it’s often difficult to keep up; Ever-changing technology —the information overload; New ethical dilemmas. Tamale Technical University research unit will help interpret our world, from probing the psychological, moral, and sociological impacts of modern technology to exploring our humanity’s state through art, history, literature, language, poetry, and politics.

Issues climate change and shifting demographics

Changes in movement of climatic patterns, growing ethnic diversity, and the millennials will have broad influences on our community, impacting everything from our labor force to community planning. Tamale Technical University researchers will work to anticipate and prepare for the future. Researchers in Agro Engineering and Environmental Engineering are among the Tamale Technical University experts studying area, shifting climate patterns, and climate change adaptation strategies. Their work will enlighten our region, our world, and generations to come.