Affiliates & Partners

The University collaborates and partner with other Institutions and Organizations.

Collaboration is to power knowledge, skills etc. for staff and students such as:

  • Co-running of academic programmes with other Universities/Institutions
  • Exchange programmes involving staff and students
  • Scholarship
  • Projects
  • Research
  • Tools and equipment
  • Infrastructure development

We have so far collaborates with the following

Auto Mall Ghana

Is to set up a training centre for the Institution using some of our facilities to upgrade staff and student

Westphalia University, Germany

Two of our students will leave for Germany in April, 2018 for three months first   Phase Training in Renewable Energy in the ASA Project.

Ecole Superiere Polytechnique De kaya in Burkina-Faso

For Joint Academic Projects and Educational Visits, the level 100 Engineering students of the University is due in February, 2018.

Maryland University, of Eastern Shore

Collaborate in tourism studies and training of tourism personnel in all areas. The unit has opportunity to move into agric and pharmacy studies.

Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners. This program will soon be advertize for the running of the professional program

CRS there is a Service Contract with them to train their clients for six months. Training has started already.

A joint MoU with University of Cape Coast, and University for Development Studies to run training in Theatre Arts and the local Film Industry.