Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Mr. Henry Kwame Atiglah
(Head of Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a profession with a rising demand in Regional, national and international markets. apart from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology,  (KNUST), which offers both Degree and Masters Level programmes in the field, only a few Technical Universities in Ghana provide opportunities for Higher National Diploma.

presently, the University provides training to intermediate and technician level students, its students are employed as technicians in the Northern Electricity Department under VRA (NED). opportunities at the middle-level and management positions are reserved for higher qualified certificates such as HND or Degrees. having produced graduates who are functioning adequately in the workplace, it has become imperative that a higher certificate programme be introduced to meet the increasing demand of industry and also satisfy the anxiety of students in the northern sector of the country.

furthermore, with the increasing influx of telecommunication investors to Ghana, the demand for electronic experts has risen. also, in the face of numerous energy shortages, exploration in alternative energy sources has become more relevant than before.

in the light of the above, the introduction of Electrical Electronic Engineering in Tamale Technical University will provide learning opportunities for students of Senior High Schools (SHS.

The main aim of the HND programme in Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme is to provide learning opportunities for students of Senior High Schools and Electrical Engineering Technicians as well as the students under the access course programme.The programme will therefore expand access to engineering education at all levels thereby providing essential skills for graduates to become marketable.

the vision is to become a centre of excellence in Ghana and beyond for teaching, learning, research, entrepreneurial training in Engineering, Science and Technology for development and transformation.

the mission is to provide training to students in order for them to acquire the necessary academic and practical skills at the Certificate, HND and Degree Levels

Our objectives is to:

  1. To equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of electricity and electronics
  2. To equip students with the requisite techniques in the use of equipment and tools.
  3. To develop skills in the use of appropriate tools and electronic instruments in measurement, trouble shooting and repairs.
  4. to equip students with skills of layout preparation, installation and commissioning of industrial equipment and electrical services
  5. To provide opportunities for research and publications in the areas of electrical and electronics