Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment

Mr. Gumah Salifu

(Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment)

The School of Engineering is one of the four Schools of the University.  It comprises five HND running Departments.  These Departments are the HND Agricultural Engineering, HND Automobile, HND Building Technology, HND Electrical &, and HND Mechanical Engineering Departments.  The School of Engineering and Built Environment has Intermediate Departments which include: Automobile Engineering, Carpentry & Joinery, Electrical Installation, Radio-TV and Electronics as well as Welding & Fabrication. All the HND Departments also run the Intermediate programs.

The school is to become a centre of excellence in Ghana and beyond for teaching, learning, research and entrepreneurship training in Engineering, Science and Technology for total development and transformation of building and engineering in Northern Ghana in particular, Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The mission is to Provide training to students in order to them to acquire the necessary academic and practical skills in Agricultural Engineering, Automobile, Building Technology, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering at certificate, HND Degree and postgraduate levels.

The objectives of the School of Engineering and Built Environment are to:

a.      Improve the practice of engineering and building through quality teaching, learning and research.

b.       Strengthen the income generation capacity of the school’s production units through partnership with District Assemblies, industry and corporate institutions.

c.      Increase the number and quality of tertiary programmes.

d.       Enhance the efficiency of academic, workshop staff through seminars, workshops and conferences.

e.       Encourage research and publication by training staff to write proposals for accessing research grants, organization of research material and inter-department seminars.

f.      Improve the ICT skills of staff and students.