Hospitality, Tourism Management

Mr. Alhassan Fatawu

(Head of Department: Hospitality and Tourism Management)

The Catering department now department of Hotel, Tourism Management started running the catering course in 1979 under the Technical Institute at Intermediate level The Advance Catering took off in 1990. The Technical Institute was later upgraded to a Polytechnic in line with the Educational reforms.  It was not until 2001/2002 academic year that the Higher National Diploma in HTM was introduced.

The department is currently the only one in the 3 northern regions that offers Hospitality Management training at tertiary level.


The Department of HTM is to provide conducive environment for effective teaching and learning.


The mission of the Department is in line with Tamale Technical University strategic plan; to develop a centre of excellence for the production of capable and highly qualified middle-level manpower for the hospitality industry and a department that will remain responsive to development needs of the Polytechnic community and the region as a whole.


The general aim of the department is to uplift the present state of the department by acquiring the necessary infrastructure and equipment and textbooks that would be used for effective teaching and learning.

The specific aim is to produce qualified personnel with the requisite knowledge and skills for management and supersensory positions in the Hospitality Industry and help develop and expand the Hospitality and Tourism industry to an international standard in the 3 northern regions in particular and Ghana in general.  The department serves the 3 northern regions.


  1. To development the human resource with the requisite competencies.
  2. To train students to pass their exams.
  3. To have links with industry by building business partnership and training their personnel.
  4.  To develop the human expertise to teach the necessary specialized courses.
  5. To train staff of the department in their respective academic areas.

The Department of HTM intends to contribute to the implementation of the Polytechnic strategic plan by pursuing excellence in teaching research and training progrmames.  Create a favouorable environment to network the University and industry.

Future Plans:

The department has set out to put in place very effective programmes to make it viable within the context of the strategic plan of the University. Some of the Programmes envisaged are:

  1. Transforming the department into an innovative Ultra-modern Hospitality training centre with all the   necessary equipment.

This will enable the department to:

  1.  Undertake research work such as disseminating our indigenous and local dishes.
  2. Enhancing practical training and learning through a well furbished and well equipped laboratories for effective work.
  3.  Redesign curriculum in other to produce competent and reliable graduates.
  4.  Development of local dishes to standard recipes that would be adapted by the hospitality industry in  Ghana.
  5. Establishment of consultancy unit within the department, to offer valuable service to the public       especially hospitality and tourism industry.
  6.  The department intends and when necessary, organizes seminars and orientation for students and the general public who would also benefit from short courses and or refresher courses in Cookery  Accommodation, Front Office and Food & Beverage.
  7. Training of Hotel personnel to general extra income (IGF).

As a social responsibility the department interns to train cooks, waiters, managers of restaurants, hotels, ‘chop’ bars and drinking bars attendants.