Statistics, Mathematics & Science

Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Haadi

(Head of Department: Statistics, Mathematics & Science)


  1. Training very qualified statistics scholars to:
  2. Play their role in the developmental agenda of the nation
  3.  Feed the middle level manpower demands of the Ghanaian job market.
  4.  To lay a sound academic basis in statistics for further academic acquisition.
  5.   To give the students the requisite statistical tools for further research work.

Core Activities:

Apart from going through the prescribed course content, we also take special pains to give the students some special training to acquire the most sought-after statistical software packages, incouding Stata, Minitab, Matlab, R, Epi Info, SPSS, for the job market.

Further steps are taken to drill them on the statistical requirements of a normal project works/dissertation and or thesis all in preparedness for further academic progress.  Students are prepared for various out-of-school presentations, an effort geared at exposing them to the many NGOs and private firms around.


Since the inception, the department has turned out many HND graduates in statistics many of whom are playing their roles in diverse capacities in various academic establishments at students and/or lecturers.

Future Plans:

  1. The department has plans:
  2.  To launch a programme in HND Laboratory Technology.  This is designed to train laboratory    practitioners to man the numerous pharmaceutical firms in the country and beyond.
  3.  To mount a part-time HND Statistics programme.
  4.    Preparations towards starting the degree programme in Statistics in the near future.

Programmes Offered:

  1.  Higher National Diploma (HND) statistics
  2.  Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Statistics option