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Programme Overview

The building industry is one of the world’s fast growing sectors and it is contributing significantly in propelling development of nations across the globe.

Nations especially in the developing world have a reasonable supply of craftsmen with traditional knowledge, skills and experience in the building and construction processes. Similarly, there is a number of quality top management, architectural, building and constructional personnel playing vital roles in the construction industry.

However, there is a limited number of trained middle level supervisory personnel to bridge the vital gap between the top management functions and the operative functions in the industry. This is due partly to the following factors:

  • Lack of appropriate local facilities and opportunities for the training of such caliber of personnel.
  • Lack of motivation to attract and retain the few qualified and experienced personnel because of poor recognition better remuneration.

The Higher National Diploma in Building Technology was introduced in the University by the Building Technology Department to help address some of the teething challenges of the construction industry as outlined above

The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Building Technology programme is run by the Building Technology Department in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. The programme is offered on full-time for six-semesters (3years). The purpose of the programme is to provide the appropriate faculties and opportunities for training and help develop middle level manpower with requisite knowledge, skill and technology to function effectively and efficiently in providing the vital link in the operation chain in the building construction industry.

Objective of the programme

Today, more than ever, the construction industry plays a vital role in initiating, planning and providing career and craft training. The aim of the HND Building Technology Programme is to generally provide graduates with the necessary basics as well as geographically specialized construction knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a well-rounded professional career in the Building Construction industry.

The specific objectives of the programme include:
  • Provide an opportunity for Higher National Diploma graduates and construction technicians to upgrade and strengthen their knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the construction industry
  • Acknowledging through theoretical and practical field exposure, the problem confronting the Ghanaian construction industry with the aim of satisfying the need for sourcing indigenous construction materials and in so doing, sustaining Ghana’s goal of patronizing its own materials.
  • Provide managerial knowledge to students through appropriate skills and technology to enable them make sound decisions and implement them on a prudent and economic basis as well as attain a high level of proficiency for the industry.
  • To create an enabling and enticing construction learning environment for self-enhancement in order to bring to the fore the important role (or need) of continuous learning and professional association in the Ghanaian construction industry.
  • To spearhead practical research activities, including industry market-driven joint research projects between students and industry.
Research Interest
  • Issues concern with the advancement in the local construction industry in Ghana
  • Academia-industry Collaborative research
  • Sustainable construction,
  • Affordable & Social Housing Systems Construction