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Ibrahim Hamdu

Head of Department

Engr. Ibrahim Hamdu
Box 3ER, Tamale Ghana
Tamale NR

The Water and Sanitation Engineering Department is one of the newest departments of the Tamale Technical University (TaTU). The department started from a very humble beginning. In 2019, it was given the green light by NABTEX to run Higher National Diploma (HND) in Water and Sanitation Engineering.

As an innovative and industry-focused department, the programme was introduced in to offer a comprehensive hands-on engineering education to address the numerous challenges in Ghana’s water and sanitation industry.

The department is currently collaborating with relevant organizations in the water and sanitation industry to deliver relevant and practical teaching to meet the expected expectations of employers. Plans are far advanced to run Diploma, Bachelor and Master of Technology programmes in Water and Sanitation Engineering.


The mission of the department is to produce middle-and high-level technical and competent engineers who are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge for the water and sanitation industry in Ghana.


To produce practically-based trained graduates who would contribute technically to the water and sanitation industry in the country in the areas of:

  1. Waste Technology and Management
  2. Water Resources Management
  3. Water Supply Technology and Management
  4. Water and Waste Laboratory Technology

The major goal of the department is to produce highly competent civil engineering technicians and specialists who can stand the test of time in the technological development of Ghana.


The Department of Water and Sanitation Engineering through research and constant interactions with industry, regularly reviews and modifies the training contents to meet the changing needs and demands of the water and sanitation industry.

Current Programmes
  • HND Water and Sanitation Engineering